Support for pro purchase?

Hi, I bought S2member pro unlimited; how do I get support? No response to my enquiry on forums.


Hi Rodolfo.

I’m taking a look at your other post now. :slight_smile:

I to understood that by purchasing the pro upgrade I would get access to support and could submit a support ticket , but this appears not to be the case. Despite what it say in the plugin help page " * Paying customers in need of assistance may submit a trouble ticket." This link just gets you to this page where the contact us link just is just back to the page.

Am I wrong?


I am having the same issue. Purchased the pro upgrade and cannot find away to get the support I need or find how to contact for the 14 day refund.

Thanks for finding that. We’ll take a look at why it stopped working.

The Pro license is to have access to the Pro add-on and use it. We don’t sell support, that we give as much as we can, to pro and free users alike. It’s best to post in this forum, because then the community can help too. Always best to search first, though, because 90% of the time it’s already been answered.

I’m writing you guys privately to help you separately instead of mixing in this thread.