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hi s2member fellows
may i ask is it possible to show only specific menu to users if they have some custom capabilities?
e.g. s2member level 1 with custom capabilities named “content1”

can the menu tab only show when they can access content1?

thanks a lot

It’s definitely possible, but it’s not really an s2member thing and I’m not aware of a Wordpress plugin that handles it so it would likely require custom code or at least custom page templates.

I show logged in and out users a “My Account” link and if you’re logged in there’s a hover dropdown.

I can tell you what plugin I use if that’s what you’re after.

At one point I used s2’s ccaps, but for my use case it eventually made more sense to split them all off on multiple sites. For me it avoided customer confusion and increased sales.

Your use case is probably different. I’m just saying I never had to solve that.

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Should be possible, combining these hacks:

Menu handle

Custom [s2If] function

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Hi John.

This plugin may do what you want:

See also:

I hope it helps. :slight_smile:

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thx all!

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