S2pro login widget adding captcha

Looking to add a bit of code to the pro login widget to add the google reCaptcha image.

Right now I have a plugin that adds it to the wp login and what happens is members use the pro login widget and get redirected to the wp login page with the captcha…with a message that says they didn’t enter it…but of course they didn’t see it…

So how do I add the code to the widget? Is there a shortcode? That would be helpfule if there was I have the keys in for pro forms…


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Try to add it by some hook, that runs in the end of the Pro-form (I am not checked if such one exists)= If you can not do, and need a developer, I will be happy to help you for a fee.

@siouxsie I found a way to implement this very easily and this solution can be found in the following thread.

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