s2Member not converting paid user to free user(Subscriber) on recurring billing failed

We have used authorize.net with s2member for a 1-year recurring billing cycle.
The issue we are facing is that s2member is not converting paid user(s2member level 1) to free user(subscriber) on failed transaction for next cycle. We have set Max Payment Failures value to 1 in Automatic EOT Behavior section for authorize.net.

In Authorize.net account:
In Recurring Billing section, there are users in the active list which is having transaction status like General Error and Declined for second or third time recurring payment. So Will those users be converted automatically by Cron of S2Member to subscriber(Free) user from paid(s2member level 1) OR just users listed in Inactive list for Authorized.net will be converted?

I have encountered this problem too. Authorize.NET “General Error” and the recurring transaction fails.

s2Member did not convert the user to subscriber(Free), instead they remained (for 14 days) at their original level until I manually examined the ARB and realized it was off.

Is there anything to the “General Error” that causes s2 to skip processing it as a failure?


maybe the same bug: Bug: Stripe Subscription payment failing - users not demoted