S2Member and LiteSpeed Question

I was just wanting to get some feedback on if S2Member runs on LiteSpeed?

Has anyone tried running with LiteSpeed instead of Apache2? My site was built with Apache2 but I am in the process of building a new web server and was looking at this as an option. Also are there any issues with LSCache? S2Member has been rock solid and I’d like to speed things up but not if it causes problems.

Thanks for any feedback,

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I’m running on OLS without object caching.

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I’d be interested in any performance benchmarks that were put together. Ideally with the same hardware and OS version, just to get a better idea of the difference between the web servers.

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Hi bopters

Do you define not using the object caching on a per-site base? I have a Ubuntu server that hosts 15 sites, one is S2Memeber. I’m thinking of adding OLS to my server so I can speed up the other sites. I’m guessing you can run apache2 and LiteSpeed side by side if you want.

I do have another two quick questions that are not S2Memeber related for you. Are you using CyberPanel? If so, do you like it?


I always do one VPS per site (or one VPS plus a managed database per site) and haven’t run CyberPanel. I manage my servers via ssh.

Not sure how powerful your server is, but I’d be concerned about adding another process with so many sites already. My very first S2member site (over a decade ago) started out on shared hosting, and I needed to move to a VPS within months because I was running out of server resources for Paypal IPN notifications (this was before Stripe was supported).

You can enable/disable object caching per WP site in the LiteSpeed Cache plugin. I’m not quite sure I’m sold on OLS yet, but the stack gives a lot of features that are typically in paid WordPress plugins, which is why I wanted to try it.

The last detailed benchmark between OpenLiteSpeed vs Apache HTTP Server vs Nginx was from two years ago. It’s worth reading.


Anyone have any newer benchmarking data?