S2Member alternatives (able to migrate)

S2Member is cheap and works for simple sites like mine, but I guess it will stop working at any time.

So… What’s the best alternative for provide simple DRIP and PREMIUM content?

I have read about “Optimizemember”

Is there any software able to migrate from S2Member?

I have found this

Why s2Member would not be functional in a more or less near future? I hope not…
Moreover, it works very well on “complex” sites.
All you need to know is the web programming (php and html) to get the most out of s2Member.

As for a possible migration, there are a lot of competitors.
In any case, it will be necessary to adapt the code and the importation format of the members.

Memberpress and PMP are certainly good alternatives in this case.

There is nothing about s2Member’s ability to regulate access to content or files that is likely to break. The only issue is with its continuing ability to work with payment processors, whose APIs change often.

PMP is simply nothing like as good as s2Member. There is just no comparison. MemberPress isn’t much better. In fact, if you are in the EU, it might even be worse.

What I’d suggest for payments is that you look at something like WP Simple Pay or WooCommerce with Role-a-Matic. Both can do the job easily and will enable you to continue using s2Member for content protection.

I myself have just written my own forms to work with Stripe. Any decent developer should be able to do the same.

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well Memberpress does basically everything except content protection much better than s2member IMHO - and there are countless 3rd part integrations available. PMP I’m really not sure - I would not use it - seems way to limited
I haven not fully dived into content protection by memberpress - as memberpress easily allows s2member to be used for that through their user roles plugin…

Role-O-Matic is nice, but I do not see how it can be properly configured for subscriptions - if at all. It does work for one time payments and allows to differ between renewals and new checkouts. I don not think Role-O-Matic, Woocommerce Subscriptions, and countless other plugins can compete for a membership site with Memberpress,

while ThriveCart, Quaderno.io orTaxamo and s2 for content protection are all essential tools that can be pretty well integrated with both Woo or Memberpress.

Also if membership plugin would only be about payment processor integration - then I would continue using it. However email management, reliability (very poor for s2member if 0.5% of payments are simply dropped by s2 even though showing up in the logs as received as s2 has not adapted to newest API of stripe and paypal since years, much much worse like 50% for stripe subscriptions not demoting) of demotion, sales funnels, and email system are ale not up to current standards!
No membership plugin is able to send proper invoice - but taxamo or quaderno.io for the best invoicing system is 100% working with memberpress while not fully reliable with s2member. And that’s not even talking about s2member’s weakest point - the UI of their proforms.

Memberpress will need some GDPR adjustions due to using quite a lot of 3rd party integrations - if your business is based in Germany I would say it will mean no use of website before accepting one of those dreaded GDPR checkboxes. Otherwise you can simply note that the devs have thought and tried out everything they implement - while with s2 countless times i’ve thought I freak out about how unreliable or wrong things are working. But yes - content protection (except drip) is simply great with s2.

BTW - if you’re afraid about s2 not updating - at least their is Optimizemember (part of Optimizepress)- that means s2member with actually working support and moving over is very easy. I’m still not sure I will really manage to integrate my users into Memberpress - but if I don’t succeed than the path is clear - at least get rid of s2member in favour of Optimizemember. The price is little and I’m pretty sure if you provide them the logs with bugs (e.g. members not demoted because system decides the API notice is unimportant) they will solve it - while s2 does nothing here. Most of it is identical ot s2 anyhow.

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How can you actually integrate WP Simple Pay with s2member. Have you actually ever done it? I don’t see how it can set a membership level (can be another one as well - then I would use the Wordpress User Roles plugin, or Members plugin to add the s2member role for content protection) and how about email setup for failed payments, expiring and so on.

If you go for WooCommerce - with Role-O-Matic (have you actually tried it out?) - then I guess you will also need Woo Commerce Subscriptions. However which plugin is then responsible for EOT? WooCommerce Subscriptions, Role-O-Matic or s2member? What happens on failed subscription payments, what happens on expiry?

You made some very good points! I just realized how long it’s been since S2Member Pro has been updated or the forums even visited by their Devs… it’s a shame


Unfortunately, access to the detailed document appears to require a paid license for $295.


If s2member is actually stopped, which I do not hope, have you thought about trying a plugins association like WooCommerce + WooCommerce Restrictions (or any other content-restrictioning plugin that works with WooCommerce and s2member capabilities)?
Does WooCommerce accept membership? I do not know anything about WooCommerce Plugin.


Moreover, it seems to me that there are only two main reasons for s2member to die definitively:

  • Gutenberg update :/.
  • Payment API evolutions, especially PayPal and Stripe (the most used).
    So is it conceivable for some good developers to update these two things in the source code that is still available to everyone?
    I will be ready to help, even if my skills in the field are probably a bit limited.
    Anyway, if the s2member developers have gone, I think we are the only ones who can save this beautiful plugin.


Edit: I created a new topic about that: Click here!

See my solution please.

x2 on this
any chances on s2member & woocommerce integration?

Hi TIm, thanks for your kind sharing on WP simple pay and Role-o-matic but i cant seems to find if its possible for these two plugins to allow after payment using stripe button, passing the membership level and custom capabilities to the users when they create their account ( after payment )

Can i seek your kind sharing pls? Many thanks sir

Neither of these plugins will work with a Stripe button. They can both do what you want, but using their own methods.

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