s2M checkout and Polylang

As I am installing Polylang plugin, at one point, I noticed the checkout (pro-form) was translated. I thought it was great. However, I had to make some changes to the pages and recreate the one with the pro-form in question, and now, it is no longer translated.

Question 1- Do you know if Polylang should be translating the pro-form?
Question 2- Where would I translate the string of text otherwise?

Here is the French page I want to be translated:

Hi Carole.

Did you see these articles about translations?

The pro-form’s strings, most, also should be translatable. There are few exceptions (e.g. messages in the pro-form that come from the payment gateway).

Thanks. I didn’t know about that.
Interestingly, Polylang will have some strings available to translate from All In One SEO pack. I wonder why that plugin has “strings to translate” in particular. And mostly was wondering how come the pro-form SEEMED to be translated on its own at one point (and I know I had not).

It looks like the French version is already available here:

One issue though, reading through the documentation, is that I don’t want to choose ONE language over the other, so if I follow the instructions, “Now all you need to do is change the language in the admin settings screen. See Dashboard → Settings → General → Site Language” , I don’t want to change it for the whole site.

So, I am not sure how that would work for a bilingual site.

I don’t know of any good solution either. you can use Say what to make most fields bilingual - meaning add the text in both languages - see here: https://www.velomap.org/support/membership/

Except the Stripe credit card field, and the text Strength indicator for the password - everything is bilingual. But not translated.

Also emails have to be sent in two languages - I don’t know a multilingual plugin that stores a language tag per user in the profile - and would work for the s2member emails.

I’m using qtranslate-xt but it’s not used for the checkout as that uses say what. Much more important that the say-what for the checkout would be to have translated emails - but I haven’t found a way at all for them.

Is there a way to use two login/register pro-forms in two languages on the same site?
I have one login page in French and one login page in English, but if I use the translation, I need to choose a language for the site, as per the instructions, but I need both.

Any suggestion?

Not possible. Can only use bilingual

So I could use one form that will have both languages?
Is there such an existing “translation” available?

String translation Plugin