Possible bug - IPN item handling since 221028?

What’s the best way to send the log files to you Christian?

Thanks for the additional details.

If you’re cloning it so you can enable logging, that’s not needed. It’s fine to have logging while troubleshooting, even if it’s a live site. What’s better not to do is leave it enabled all the time when it’s not needed. Now, if you want to clone it to do tests, that’s fine.

Are these renewals started by the member clicking on the button, or are they payments that come in from an active subscription?

You can click on my name, and then the blue “message” button to message me privately the logs or access.


Thanks Christian - messaged directly.

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I right now cannot help debugging because in Nepal hiking, but I have exactly the same problem, 1dsy instead of 1 year added for stripe, maybe also PayPal pay once payments

New users are fine, does happen on re activation of a user (have to check about simply adding time to not yet demoted user)

Happens on both PayPal and Stripe. I didn’t yet have a prolonge payment on an active account.

Please immediately publish a new version based on the old one. Theese two updates should never have been paid published. This error is about as bad as it can get

I agree. https://s2member.com/s2member-v221103-now-available/

I removed the changes to these files (notification and return ones) in the last couple of releases. These are back to how they were in v220925. Any of the new issues mentioned above should be gone with this one.

Looks like its working correctly now Christian :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your prompt help.

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Yes it’s working again. Are the new IPN formats okay too? Or will that need another try at solving?

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That is great! Thank you very much for confirming it. And thank you for your help reporting it, and your patience. :pray:

Which ones? The change to the ClickBank IPN URL? There’s no problem there…


I meant the problem from #1 in this thread concerning the colon in the item_number

Ah ok. Yes, the item_number doesn’t have the trailing colon now. That won’t happen to new members.

It could still be left in the user’s account, under the signup vars, for the members that signed up while you had the previous release…

To check, and fix them easy, do a users export with s2’s advanced exporter, look at the rows of members from around those days. item_number would be in the meta_key__wp_s2member_ipn_signup_vars column. https://s2member.com/kb-article/advanced-importexport-tools/#toc-4abfd955

If any of those has the trailing colon in item_number, you can delete the trailing colon, and update those users.

To update, you can just leave the rows for the column headers, and the users you want to update, and leave only the columns for the user_id, and meta_key__wp_s2member_ipn_signup_vars. Then upload the CSV with the advanced importer.

You can test the user update first with one you don’t mind, like a test account, if you want to practice before updating the customers.


Can confirm, the revert in the latest version (221103) has solved this problem for us :+1: We were able to resend the IPN notifications from Paypal that originally failed and they were process correctly with the confirmation/registration emails being sent as expected.

Thanks for the fix Cristián. I appreciate the hard work, but purely for constructive feedback this issue has made us a little more wary of future updates. Perhaps there’s some automated tests that could help catch these types of bugs?

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Hi C,

I can understand that well. Yes, I’m looking at how to do automated tests, I want to use them in the future. :+1:

Thank you so much for your patience, and confirming that it’s working well for you now. I’m very glad.