Paypal won't use available balance w/s2member

Subject says it all, really–& this isn’t good for an NPO. Anyone got any thoughts as to why?


Hi Jackie.

Hmm… Could you show me the s2 shortcode you’re using for the PayPal button?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Looks like use of one’s available Paypal balance is not permitted when using recurring payments, so I basically did a buy-now button instead, & that seemed to fix it. Not cool, though, but that’s not S2Member’s fault.

Now I have another query. Is there any way of customizing S2Member’s registration/profile forms by ccap’s rather than by level?

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you can use balance, actually it will be used. But paypal does not allow subscriptions without a credit card linked or bank account linked with withdrawal agreement - no matter the balance on the account.


I would like to add that you also have the possibility to enable/disable e-checks on PayPal (electronic check) by contacting them. I asked them to block e-checks, because I had two subscriptions where the user had access for a week, their e-checks bounced and PayPal does not cover those situations and take the money back. We end up giving access for free plus paying the fee (since PayPal doesn’t refund fees since about a year ago, also on regular refunds).

Thanks for the update, Jackie.

Could you explain what you mean with some examples? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Of course, Christian, & thank you. I’ve got various memberships on my site. I want different information from different members. For example, I have some folks applying for a scholarship, so they need to provide very detailed info about their past accomplishments as well as future plans. Others don’t need that sort of detail. I have it set up via levels right now, but it just feels a bit clunky. S2Member Pro is probably actually overkill for this, but it produces some fairly decent forms & allows me to turn off open registration, which I like because it keeps a lot of the spammers out.

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I see. So you mean enabling/disabling custom profile fields based on custom capabilities, then, right? This is something I had thought about, and you’re the first one to ask for. I’m sorry it’s not available right now, though…

I’m adding your vote for it and I’ll see how it could be implemented, but probably a way to do it, even if not ideal, would be to have a conditional that loads a CSS style to hide/show those fields depending on which form/ccap.

Yeah–I dunno about that 1, Mr. Lavaque, if only because sometimes those things that folks thought were hidden are actually seen by screen reading software used by blind individuals. & since this is a site primarily for them… I’ve actually spotted more than 1 site compromise in just that way in my time.

BTW, another feature request–the controls to edit, delete, move up, & move down are not labeled at all for screen readers. I’ve kind of figured them out via experimentation, but that is not ideal, especially when it comes to the ‘delete’ control :). That 1 shouldn’t be terribly hard. I’m guessing they’re likely labelled w/arrows & a pencil & an x or similar. We just need some text labels to identify what it is they’re for.

I see. Could you point me to the exact ones that you mean? A screenshot would help. I’ll look them up in the code.

Wouldn’t it be better to use JavaScript to toggle the HTML hidden attribute (which screen readers understand) and then validate the form server-side too?

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Christian, you ever taken a photo w/your eyes closed? How’d that work for you? Lol. If not–try it! If nothing else, it might be good for a laugh lol.

The closest I can likely get w/a screenshot is the entire page, which would almost assuredly not be helpful. But here are the steps to reproduce.

  1. Go to S2Member > General Options > Registration/Profile Fields & Options & make 2 custom fields.
  2. You’ll notice you’ve got 4 controls–edit, delete, move up, and move down. These are not labelled such that screen reader users can know what they are.

How it appears to me is that above the fields are a ‘move up’ & ‘move down’ button. Those are followed by relevant demarcators for the field, ie, text, unique id, whether or not the field is required, & levels to which the field is applicable. Then there are 2 more controls, which I believe are ‘Edit’ & ‘Delete’ links. How all of these controls, irrespective of their functions, read to a screen reader is:
“admin page=ws-plugin–s2member…”

Obviously once you get to the 2nd custom field there are 4 of these in a row, ie, the edit & delete controls for the 1st field & the ordering buttons for the 2nd. It can get pretty confusing, especially if you happen to be working late & are tired.

Remember that screen readers tend to present objects in a very linear fashion, my sense is that the reordering controls are likely to the left of all the field information, for example, but I’m not entirely certain.

Hi Jackie.

I’m very sorry. I honestly didn’t know you were using a screen reader yourself. I thought you were talking about your site visitors, and with what you said before, I didn’t know you were talking about an admin page. I wouldn’t have asked for a screenshot if I had understood. My apologies.

Thank you for explaining what buttons you meant. I understood exactly which you mean. I edited the JavaScript that adds those, to include the title for each: “move field up”, “move field down”, “edit field” and “delete field”. (11.0 KB)

Do you have a way to upload it via FTP to your site to try it and tell me if it helps you? Extract the js file from the zip, and upload it here on your site: /wp-content/plugins/s2member/src/includes/menu-pages/menu-pages-s.min.js

Let me know if it helped, or if I should be using an attribute other than the title one to help you improve that.


Hey Christian, actually I can take screenshots. What I cannot do is:

  1. Select a given region; and therefore
  2. Determine if what I want to demonstrate is there or actually highlight it for the person so they can see what I’m seeing. I am so impressed you did that! Thanks. I’ll upload it & give it a go, but maybe tomorrow. It’s getting late & I am, or at least what’s left of my brain, is fried. Thank you so much again though.

Actually I was laughing the whole time I was writing that–I never take it too seriously, so please don’t apologize. Laughing about it is 1 of my high priority survival mechanisms. Voiceover on my IPhone actually does have some facility to help me take photos now, so even though I can’t see them anymore, I can send them to others who might be interested in looking at them. I won’t be making my living doing that any time soon, though :slight_smile: lol.

I do wish they had a program whereby blind folks could select the particular text of interest & highlight it in a screenshot–it certainly would be very very helpful. That’s 1 really big gap in the tech we currently have available. It would be particularly helpful in situations like this, though it seems as though you found it relatively easily.

Have a wonderfully blessed rest of your day & upcoming weekend. Stay well & safe. You’re a really cool gentleman!

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Christian, sorry–I was away most of the morning, but your fix worked like a charm! Thhank you so very much! You made my job a lot easier, as I don’t have to keep track of the order the fields appear in now. Wow! I wish I’d asked about that awhile ago! I guess sometimes you don’t even realize something was really hard until it became easy. AMAZING!!! Thanks again! I just can’t believe how easy editing fields has just become! I’m still in wide-eyed shock. & gosh–all I had to do was ask. Someone over there at WP Sharks give this man a raise!

Yall have done a good job in terms of accessibility. Please continue to keep A11Y in mind as you build new things into S2Member.


Oh, Jackie… you made my day! It made me so happy to read your update. Thank you!

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