JS query problem

I tried a few things, but still couldn’t get rid of the “missing jquery” error in the console, although I did manage to get it to load before s2, apparently.

I would love to test without other plugins or with a different theme, but it being the live site, I won’t touch them.

I don’t get that problem in my own installations, and don’t know how to reproduce it yet… :confused:

So even disabling plugins and changing theme with that plugin you recommended is not sufficient. mmm…

I don’t know if that plugin is exactly the same as a WP installation without the plugins or custom theme, though. And I didn’t test actually deactivating and removing the plugins, of course.

I can see that it’s a problem particular to your installation, but I don’t know what part of it is causing this issue. It’s not in s2Member itself, though, since it doesn’t happen for most other sites, and I haven’t found how to reproduce it.

In that same server, can you create a clean installation of WordPress, maybe in a subdir, or in a subdomain, and try reproducing this problem adding only s2Member? This way we can do a better test, without affecting the live site.

I look forward to your update. :slight_smile:

Ok. I have created a sub domain - test.com.englishconfidenceunlocked.com

I have seen that I can copy the main domain over. Given what you are looking for, would be best to install a fresh copy of WP into the subdomain and then site over. I can possibly install a new version of WP there…though I don’t really know how to only copy across just what you are seeking…that S2 + “raw” site.

Which leads me to a question is…as you know that S2member works on other installations, we can expect it to work on a stripped down version in the new subdomain. How will that exactly sort out what is happening on the main site…:slight_smile: no doubt a novice Q!

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There can be a settings or some (hidden?) tools in your hosting, that can cause such effect. We saw this already, so a test of clean WP with fresh s2M can give some valuable info.

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It may show that something in the server is a part of the problem. Or it may give a site without the error, to which we can then add the theme and plugins one by one, testing after each to see if/which introduces the problem. :slight_smile:

Whilst I am truly highly appreciative of your efforts Cristian, my resolve is starting to weaken. To do what seems to be necessary is going take me some time to sort out ( my skill set issue probably! :slight_smile: )

This is the second time now I have had problems with S2…on the back end. …first time when i first set it up with a product range i was selling. Now the second range I am working on…bingo, again.

At this point, I am wondering whether I should just ditch it. I have put in a lot of time on this product…and I have found it anything but seamless. As a solopreneur, with limited resources, skills and time, I am wondering if I should look for a simpler product that is not so labour intensive…and - from my experience- prone to back end issues.

Very strange.

No plugin is perfect for all use cases, but what you’ve described seems to have stumped @clavaque, @krumch, and me.

Granted, I’m not as much of an expert as those two, but I’ve ran s2 sites for years and have tried many different hosting companies. There’s even a recent thread somewhere where I told another poster that I experienced a certain issue on a certain host and it turned out the user was using that host. Go figure.

Looks like you’re using Cloudflare so that could be causing some issues if you’ve enabled Javascript minifying, etc.

I recommend (and I’m just an s2 user not official support) disabling Cloudflare for the appropriate DNS record by clicking on the lightning bolt cloud icon. Wait ten minutes or so and try to see if the error still occurs. Using a different browser, clearing cache, using a mobile device, etc. might also help if you’ve enabled certain CloudFlare settings.

If that doesn’t get you anywhere then test on another host. Get one of those $2/month shared hosts (lots out there) and test your setup, but don’t use CloudFlare. If it works then it’s something with your host or Cloudflare.

Even better would be to test on a local environment with MAMP/WAMP, but that’s even more techie.

Cloudflare is great (and I use it on most of my s2 sites), but DNS management along with a lot of their caching and other settings are definitely not at the beginner level.

TLDR; don’t blame s2 until you replicate it on a more basic hosting environment.

And you do have the Cloudflare plugin installed, right?

Also, your homepage has quite a few English grammar mistakes. Especially in the testimonials. Not the best look for the product.

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I appreciate your comments Ric. Will have a go with Cloudfare at least.

As for your last comment…The people leaving testimonials on my sites are English Language Learners…so one would expect some mistakes :slight_smile: …unless they were completely native like, which they are not. I left them in on purpose…to show they are authentic.

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If you give me access to your cPanel, I could do the test WP install in a subdir for you, and try reproducing the problem there.

I’m interested to hear updates on this. I assume that @clavaque inherited lots of issues he probably would have approached differently back when others were in charge and has a list of things he’s wanted to fix that’s way longer than all our suggestions, but my biggest concern is that s2 was written differently than most WP plugins in how it finds itself and interacts with others. Not that it’s bad. I learned to live with it over the years and understood the reasoning.

Cloudflare and some other hosts can absolutely break s2. I’ve given my feedback to @clavaque along with my code fixes and addons and have been sharing my experiences here for free because of all the value s2 has given me over the years.

I appreciate that you can sell a product teaching English as a second language. I’ve taught programming at the university level and that’s a challenge.

If one of my students had a small error then the code would’t run and it wouldn’t be something to share. I get that you want to be authentic, and maybe your target market doesn’t recognize the errors, so if it works for your business, cool. But maybe some others are sharing your site with native speakers to ask for advice.

I’ve also been called a grammar snob, but I break rules on purpose for dramatic effect. Like this.

What I’m increasingly interested in is helping other online business owners be successful. As an example if I helped you help more students, then that would mean that I somehow played a part in helping others learn another language. And that’s something I don’t have any skills in. So that would be awesome for me to help with.

So that’s my focus now and that’s why I’ve been helping here. I’m giving back all the coding stuff and tech advice because I’m moving from my own businesses to helping others with theirs, even when they don’t ask for it :slight_smile:

Your comparison @bopters does not hold water.
In programming even with simple coding, your syntax has to be spot on to work. So it has to be correct all the time, otherwise it will not do what is required.
Human language is not like that at all. As you learn, your language become clearer, more descriptive and more accurate, if you will. Incorrect syntax is acceptable…what is the key is if you are understood.

As for the problem at hand. Cristian is on the job still…thankfully.

Hi Cristian,

I wonder how you are going with it?

thank you

I did come back to this a couple of times, despite what I’ve had going on as I explained in my message some days ago. Thank you for your patience.

I’m a bit stumped with this. In the test installation I created in a subdir of your site, with just s2Member added, I get the undefined jquery message, although jquery is loaded. The order may be wrong, so I double, triple check that and it’s fine. s2Member enqueues it as it should, everything in the code is as it should. I even edited one of the files to specifically enqueue jquery before s2’s JS, and still get the undefined message. But I don’t get this in my own installations, in my webhost.

I don’t know if it’s still something extra your site has that’s causing this, and although I created a clean installation, it was in a subdirectory. I don’t know if something in the root directory and installation of WP, is affecting the subdir one. So I tried with a subdomain. Created the subdomain, installed WP via Softaculous in the subdomain, but then when I tried viewing it, the address can’t be found. You can see it from your cpanel. Maybe it just needs more time to spread through the network, but I tried viewing another older subdomain you had there, and that one doesn’t load either, so i don’t know.

Could you ask your webhost about this? If they can tell you what’s needed to view the subdomain, and help you do that. I look forward to that.

Are you using CloudFlare?

I will talk with them

Yes, Am using CLoudfare

They said Cloudfare is the issue causing it. I checked Cloudfare and it shows on there.

I checked with them again and they say I need to contact Cloudfare as
“they are not showing the subdomain as existing externally.”

My experience in contacting Cloudfare has not been stellar!

Will try though.

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I disabled the minify Javascript on Cloudfare as per suggestion made before…

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Cloudflare does more than that, even if you disable that one setting.

Have you tried this?

I recommend (and I'm just an s2 user not official support) disabling Cloudflare for the appropriate DNS record by 
clicking on the lightning bolt cloud icon. Wait ten minutes or so and try to see if the error still occurs. Using a different 
browser, clearing cache, using a mobile device, etc. might also help if you've enabled certain CloudFlare settings.

BTW, your ignorance of programming was on display earlier.
There’s lots of ways to make code work even if the code isn’t optimal.
Just like a new language speaker can improve.

A new language speaker might be able to communicate (make the code work), but a more experienced speaker/programmer might take a different route.

I shared lots of my custom code hacks for s2 that I wrote 5+ years ago w/ @clavaque to give back, but I was sort of embarrassed at how differently I’d write it now.

It’s worked for 5+ years syntax-wise, but wow, am I embarrassed.

Still shared, though, because no time to rewrite something that works.

And don’t use CloudFlare if you’re not at least a SysAdmin in training.

Cloudflare is great (and I use it on most of my s2 sites), but DNS management along with a lot of their caching and 
other settings are definitely not at the beginner level.

My guess is that right now things are a lot more complex than they need to be with lots of variables and it’s tough to know what is causing the concern. That’s why I asked certain things.

I’m totally not getting paid at all for trying to help. I’m just an s2 user that wants to give back.
I think I shared my motivation before.
Would be kind of crazy that my old advice might have solved your problem a while ago.

Sometimes we’re so convinced that we made the right decision that we really don’t want help.