How to reduce s2member slowing affects to our Wordpress Site?

I believe s2member has got some slowing effects to our wordpress websites. So what we can do to reduce side affects of s2member. It is great plugin and money maker but we all do not want to effect our site performance and speed.
What are your suggestions?

Just about any plugin that makes database queries (or does anything, really) can affect your site’s speed. That said, I’ve never noticed any significant slowdowns on any of the sites where I’ve installed/managed s2Member. Can you be more specific about where you are experienced slow downs? Thanks in advance.

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@vpbay: I agree with Pat. One of the many features I like about s2Member is that it has little discernible effect on the speed of a site – something that is far from true with other membership plugins I’ve tried.

You should check that you have lazy loading enabled (in General Options).

If your site remains slow, the problem almost certainly lies elsewhere.

Hi when we tested it with performance profiler and other external plugin performance calculators our site shows significant resource usage for s2member and maybe it slows down the site.
I think maybe disabling some options in s2member could work?

That still isn’t a very specific answer. “Significant resources” as reported by unnamed performance profilers is hardly damning evidence. I’m not saying s2Member isn’t having any affect on your site’s speed, I’m just saying that it probably isn’t the culprit you are being told it is.

If you truly want to see what affect s2Member is having on your site speed, you’ll need to test it against gtMeterix or PageSpeed with s2Member activated and without it activated. Make sure you actually have some pages that are restricted, but don’t test it against restricted pages because the service won’t be able to access them. You just want to see if s2Member is significantly slowing down your site when checking restrictions: which would be the MOST intensive active s2Member use of resources.

Here is the s2member affect for our website:

The GTMextrix report actually shows that your problems have nothing at all to do with s2Member. The s2Member file is actually shown as loading concurrently with a ton of other stuff in less than a second.

While there are certainly plenty of things that are not being done efficiently on your site, not one of those things has anything to do with s2Member.

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In addition to what Tim said, you did not run the GTMetrix test both with s2Member activated and without s2Member installed. There is simply no way you can blame s2Member for your site’s speed unless you are willing to take the time to run two tests. It really looks to me like you are just looking for a scapegoat here and have decided it is s2Member.

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Looks like Tim Kaye’s Lazy load suggestion works for s2member and also disabled the s2member badge and the results are increased:

Loading time depends on line’s speed too, so it’s not the best measure…

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krumch, you mean it depends on our pc’s internet connection?

If you do tests from your computer - connection between your your computer and the server where your site is hosted. If you do tests on external sites like GTmetrix - between their servers and your server. It’s worth to ask your hosting about their lines, tough. And for the server’s load too.

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having the same issue and tried enabling lazy loading but problem still persist

my site is loading extremely slow on s2member paypal button shortcode enabled page

hope theres more suggestion pls