How to force s2member to check user already exist


sometimes happend that someone try to renew his s2member subscription without log in first. The s2member form by default doesn’t check if the provided username or email exist in the database let them keep going with the payments having errors at the end of the payment.

Is there away to force s2member to stop if recognise a user already exist?


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Hi Simone.

Do you mean a form validation on the client that checks if the username or email exist as soon as it’s entered in the field? No, the current pro-form doesn’t have that client-side check, it’d happen on the server after submission.

It’s a good idea, though, so I’m adding it to my feature requets list with your vote for it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply.

No, maybe there is something that doesn’t work with my installation.
I have an user existing in the site ( testingusers that can proceed with a payment even if is not logged in and putting the same info that are already stored in wp_users:

you can try go here using testingusers to susbscribe

It is a bug in my site or is an expected behaviour?


You seem to be using a custom payment gateway integration. Have you checked with its developer about the charge being made when the user can’t be created?

Let me know how what he says. :slight_smile:

Yes, the charges is made correct but after payment there is an error in wp.

Is it a problem on the form configuration, or when transaction came back to the site?
In other words: usually s2member check existing user before or after the payment?

The developer is not longer avalaible. :slight_smile:
Thanks for help

Although I am just using the default Paypal payment processing, I also wish there was a way for s2M to recognize that a user already exists so it would not make them go through the process of creating an account if they made a “purchase” without being logged in. Since all the information is already in the WP account it would make it easier for all involved. Currently, we have to rely on the customer to know to log in before making a purchase to have the proper ccap added to their account.


I agree that it’d be good to improve this.

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@clavaque - We agree that this would be a great addition.

@dottcom - We also encountered this problem with clients using Paypal standard. People would pay, then fail when they tried to register. When you have thousands of people renewing, many were using join by accident. This created a big headache trying to manually complete the registration for them.

We were able to create a solution, for now, with a little bit of custom code. When people try to join/renew, we first ask for their email BEFORE presenting a button. After we check to see if the email is in the database, we present them with the right button (Join or Renew) and a screen that shows their existing membership status, if any.

Our solution also solved the problem of people losing their login credentials, as they can renew without actually logging in.


This feature would have my vote also as I receive the same complaints.

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Thanks all for suggestions and help

Looking deeper in the custom gateway plugin I discover the attempt made by the developer to recognise the an existing user after the payment successfully goes through the bank. But I think is not the right way to do that, and it doesn’t work either.

Anyway I would like to point out that s2member is able to popolate the form with the the right user values if the user is logged in.

Anyway, to minimise the effort we choose to force users to free subscribe to the website, given the fact wp is able to check existing emails/username and let users to buy membership only if they are logged in.

The only drawback is new user are request make an additional step that could be a bit confusing and frustrating for someone.

The ideal would be check email/users exist, hope this feature will be done.

A little of topic:
is s2member still support?
OptimizeMember has a larger support? Could someone give me a link to investigate?


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I too have a client where hundreds of existing members renew their membership. They are hopeless when it comes to remembering if they have paid or not.

An existing user/member validation would be an excellent addition to the plugin…it would solve a headache for me.

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