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It would have to be a plugin that allows for my current members to be migrated over to it. Does Restrict Content Pro have a migrate feature? I know Memberpress does, but it’s quite expensive. Still, you usually get what you pay for.

I sell courses for a one time fee, in my case no migration is possible. But it will take 1 minute for each user. Not too bad, I have 400 users so a day will be enough to do it.

Maybe migration is possible if you have a simple setup based on levels and not on ccaps.

But if you copy your users from s2Member over to a different plugin (like Restrict Content Pro) manually, how do you copy over their passwords? I’ve always been confused about how to avoid having all of my members reset their password if I move to a new plugin, which is one of the main reasons I’m still using s2Member.

Both s2member and RCP are based on wordpress accounts. Both plugin manage the access to premium content, but the login is the same: wordpress user account.

For that reason, switching from a plugin to the other only requires two steps

  1. Adapting the restricted content, adding the new protection rules
  2. Giving each user access to the courses they have purchased so far

In my case, with about 500 lessons and 400 users, I think it will take 2-3 days to do it. I am not glad to do it, but I am preparing to do the jump in case something breaks on my website. I am using Stripe so everything is fine for now, but I am not happy to have my business relying on an abandoned software.

Thanks for the info! Sounds like it should not be too big of a hassle to make the switch.

Nothing worries me more than the thought that my business relies on an abandoned plugin. Even though my business is in the US so is unaffected by the new SCA rules, eventually something will happen and I’ll need to switch to something else. The fact that we’re having these discussions on here and Cristian is not responding is all the evidence I need that he’s gone.

Looks like Restrict Content Pro uses Website Payments Pro for PayPal, which is what s2Member uses and is not SCA compatible. So unless the info on their website is outdated and they’ve upgraded to PayPal Checkout, then RCP would have the same issue as s2Member.

Thanks for the info. Actually I am using Stripe and didn’t check about this. Yet,RCP is still supported so that may solve this issue in the future. Is Memberpress SCA compliant already?

I’m not sure if Memberpress updated their PayPal integration or not. I would hope so for the prices they charge, but I’ll contact them to find out.

The other issue I have is that I need a plugin that’s compatible with Amazon S3 since all of my member-protected files are stored on S3. I can’t find anything on RCP’s website about it being S3 compatible.

Does anyone know roughly the last time the dev was heard from on these forums? Sent a few support emails which have all been ignored but wonder how far back this goes. Looks like he’s active on so not like something terrible has happened to him.

I can see there hasn’t been an updated release in quite some time, however looking back at the changelog it’s not like they were that regular anyway.

I haven’t seen any posts from Cristian since May of last year. But at least it’s good to know he’s still around. Back in January, someone said they spoke to him and that he was working on the backend for s2Member. But who knows. He doesn’t reply to any of my messages.