Do not show registration form after someone registers?


Wondering if there is a short code or some other method to keep the S2Member registration form from showing up after the user has just finished filling it out.


You can use [s2M conditions] (Dashboard -> s2Member -> API / Scripting) to hide the form for logged in users. If I understand you right…

Hi Sorry for the late response… no I guess what I’m trying to do is once a user fills our a form they are pushed to another page. Currently a small confirmation appears in a yellow box saying thank you check your email yada yada yada and right under that is the same form they just filled out. I would like the confirmation to be the only thing they see.

Maybe this is possible, but I am not sure this is s2M feature. Anyway, can be possible to hide the form with CSS, maybe. Find me on private messages if you need a developer.