Comet Cache Update?

Hi, It has been a while since Comet Cache was updated. Is it still being worked on and will there be future updates?

Thank you.

Hey @iaiawebmaster,

Yes, we fell behind on updates for a little while, but we’re working on putting out a new version very soon. :slight_smile:

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Hello there,

re-awakening this thread to try to understand if

a) CometCache is being actively supported at all

b) if it is being actively developed at all (the last Github commit for the RC version was August 2017 if I am not wrong)

We have been testing the RC version for quite a while now, have repeatedly written to Websharks support asking for release status, but other than statements to the effect that there was a delay, not much.

Please advise - we need to make a choice whether to use CometCache on our production site or change completely for lack of future support.

Thank you in advance

Giacomo Bruzzo

Feels good to see this reply after a long time of silence. Any timeline yet? Thanks.
(active PRO version multisite user).

Hi Guys, just bought comet chache a couple off days a go. have send several support tickets but no response jet. The topic is making me sad and wondering if i just bought the right caching plugin…

Nobody listening :frowning:

unfortunately not. I managed to get my money back via pay pal. i wish everyone good luck with the plugin i hope the come back and update the plugin for everybody.

I try to save the WebShark’s plugins, please check the thread about s2Member. I have no code of this plugin. Please someone contact me, I need both free and Pro version.