Clean up Usermeta table (for subscribers)

Well as written above. The patch is in another topic. I could not clean up the signup vars because demotions with stripe were broken. With the patch only API email about payment is still missing. Hope that can be fixed too and included in next s2 release.

It’s by issuing SQL queries. I just don’t know how to put two conditions into a single query so I could delete more fields for demoted users aka subscribers.

Actually it’s a bit bad that the demotion date doesn’t get it’s own row. This would be needed to delete users say inactive for 5 years to conform even better with regulations. So have both last login and demotion.

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True. We have EOT but it’s cleaned up once the user is demoted.

Having a demotion date would also be useful to filter who was demoted sometime in the past or not. Of course, if you’re talking about adding an additional field, it might be handy to have a second yes/no one.

We could surely use those as s2member conditionals to change how our websites behave.