BUGFIX: file custom-reg-fields.inc.php - missing bracket

On a new installation this week I reported an Issue that I solved
I create a new custom field for email and then I activated the flag that check for non personal email.
This crash validation system for a regex bad written in one thing
a missing bracket >> )

solved in this way

on file custom-reg-fields.inc.php

on line 576, I changed in
`$non_personal_email_users = ‘/^(?:’.implode(’|’, preg_split(’/[\s;,]+/’, preg_quote($GLOBALS[‘WS_PLUGIN__’][‘s2member’][‘o’][‘custom_reg_force_personal_emails’], ‘/’))).’)@/i’;

was >> .’@/i’;`

Stefanosky - Roma Makers Team

Thank you for the report, but I’m not able to reproduce any bug here.

I just tested both a Pro-Form and the standard WordPress registration with a Custom Registration Profile Field using the expected format of Email, and with example in the Required Personal Email field; as expected, trying to register with example@example.com displays an error:

ok, i don’t know
check the source code to find the right line of code
I downloaded the pack this week

@stefanosky Thank you for reporting this. You were right that there was a bug—I wasn’t seeing it in my tests because that PHP code is only run when JavaScript is disabled (i.e., when s2Member is falling back to server-side validation).

We got this fixed and this will go out with the next release: