Adding terms of use policy to sign up

We are using S2Member in conjunction with Pay Pal. We are looking to add a “Terms of Use” policy that new members must agree to during the sign-up process. The document has been prepared, we just need to know how to insert it into the registration process in a way that requires people to acknowledge our terms of use before they can complete their registration.

Thanks in advance for your answer


Hi Tim.

You can use a custom profile field. See: WP Admin > s2Member > General > Registration/Profile Fields


Can you please elaborate and give me an example?

Go to the panel I pointed you to, click Add New Field, and you’ll get a panel to create it. Make it a checkbox, required, uneditable after registration, and in the description you say something like “Agree to Terms” and link to it with HTML, e.g. Agree to <a href="/tos">Terms</a>.